Billy Hanshaw Studio is one of the UK’s leading specialists in the provision of Courtroom & Legal animations, involving reconstructed events or describing complex procedures. Our technical, explainer work is generally commissioned for use at exhibitions or online. We consider how audiences process information – working to the principle of maximum comprehension in a limited amount of time. From courtroom to trade show, on and offline, we ensure that we always deliver a clear, accurate and concise message.

Our legal and technical work generally falls into two categories:

Billy Hanshaw Studio Motion Graphics Leeds Courtroom and Legal animation reconstruction

Our animations assist some of the UK’s most prominent law firms defending their clients against personal injury and corporate manslaughter prosecutions. Typically, our work includes procedure explanation, heavy plant mechanics, construction/demolition and incident recreation.  This can be particularly useful when an environment either no longer exists in its original state, or is too dangerous for a jury visit.  Technical details that may otherwise confuse a jury can be conveyed far more successfully through animated visual media; often resulting in a reduced length of trial.

Billy Hanshaw Motion Graphics Leeds Motion Graphics Freeway switch

We create animations that convey the benefits and features of products – engaging the audience’s interest, while still maintaining clarity of message.  We know how important this is, considering that 95% of a video’s message is retained by the viewer: much higher than any other form of media.  Our work can be seen across diverse platforms including TV, online, events and in-store.

We create service explainers too  – have a look at our display graphics page.


I have worked on many occasions with Billy Hanshaw Studio. They are very adept at recreating the circumstances of an accident in animation form in complex factual cases. They grasp the underlying mechanics easily and provide an impressive product that makes the presentation of evidence much easier. A pleasure to work with and highly skilled. I thoroughly recommend Billy Hanshaw Studio.

John Cooper QC,

I first worked with Billy Hanshaw Studio in 2010.  They understand complex processes and produce animations that are extremely accessible to lay people.  They help you with ideas on presentation and explain what can technically be achieved. They appreciate what will work well at court and what is likely to be accepted by a judge as being admissible. Highly recommended, they are very easy to work with and always supportive in what you are trying to achieve.

Mike Appleby
Partner at Bivonas Law