19/03/14 Thoughts

Half a million in 5 months

You know that saying – “if only I had a pound for every ()…” Well that could be said for a video I unleashed on Youtube back in September 2013. Firstly I made the decision not to monetise the video, largely because I could not claim complete copyright on the material involved in making the video, even though I had placed a non-infringement notice on it out of common courtesy. If I had decided to monetise the video from the outset, then I could have potentially stood to make £1200 with an average 8% conversion rate.

The 500,000 I’m referring to, of course, are the number of views the video received. The Doctor Who title sequence I created, was initially suggested as a personal piece by a close colleague to test some motion graphics ideas I’d been pondering over. What I created was close to a finished piece, given the fact it was created in spare time; its main draw, however, was that it had a unique idea. The combination of a captive fanbase and unique idea is what enabled it to be shared by bloggers and site authors all over the world.  It just proves that if you engage a captive audience with something new to say, then you are on to a winner. Articles were written by Radio Times, Huffington Post, and BBC America to name but a few. My email inbox continues to receive positive comments some 6 months later.

It’s the sharing nature of social sites that convert a few views to a massive global audience; the result could be a huge PR or promotional advantage for a relatively small investment.

I extend gratitude to all those Youtubers and bloggers who shared the title sequence – your comments are amazing.

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Half a million in 5 months