August 23, 2014

Media mania…

Media mania…
Billy Hanshaw Motion Graphics Look North

It’s been a frantic week, what with interviews left, right, centre and even New York!

Ian Young at the BBC did a lovely write up of an interview he conducted over the phone.  Thanks Ian.

I ended up on the Sofa with Harry and Amy (Look North)
Radio Leeds and Radio Aire did an interview.

And apparently, you have become someone these days if you get a buzzfeed entry too.
Buzzfeed entry…

Marketing Magazine did a piece

And with articles in The Drum, International Business Times, The Guardian, and Financial Times – it’s been a crazy, crazy month!


There’s been a bit more media interest since I did the BBC TV appearance. Jonny (our producer) even had an article printed in Doctor Who magazine, his talents know no bounds!

We attended the filming of the Christmas Special and had lunch with Peter Capaldi.

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